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“She loves fiercely, dares greatly, and captures beauty in all moments along the way.”

Hello and welcome! I'm Melissa, resident photographer and flower crown maker. MAO Photography was born​ three years ago out of my love for portraiture, nature, fairytales, and adventure! ​Shortly after graduating college with my BFA in Photography, I decided that my mission in life was​ to document everyday stories of love, beauty, and courage. To create and share real life fairytales. 


AO Photo was born three years ago out of my love for nature, fairytales, and adventure!

To me, everyone has a unique and captivating story to tell, whether it's their love story or their journey to High School graduation​ and beyond​! So where ever you are on this crazy journey, I'd love the chance to tell your story! And you can count on one or two wilderness adventures along the way!

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A little about me... I'm a South Florida native and currently reside in Margate with my handsome boyfriend in our tiny but cute apartment. I love to travel and am always ready for the next adventure! I'm also a homebody though who loves yoga pants, HGTV, and home cooked meals. I’ve got an old soul, clumsy feet, and can usually be found at my computer editing and listening to Fleetwood Mac.


orning person, breakfast enthusiast, globe trotter, tree hugger, and flower crown maker

I could live my life in a floral print maxi dress. I haven't gone a day without lipstick since 2005. And I love LOVE and anything having to do with romance. I believe chivalry is still alive, that you should always smile at strangers, hold the door open for people, and never take life for granted. 


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Senior Style Guide Magazine
2015, 2016, 2017

Named one of the Top 100 
Senior Photographers in the United States